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Senior Lecturer in Child and Family Health
Written by Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk   
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

King's College London - Child and Family Health<br />Salary: £49,772 to £57,674 per annum, plus £2,923 per annum London Allowance.

Read more at: http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BCU213/senior-lecturer-in-child-and-family-health/

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Dentist Community News

Dentist Community News
2nd APOS International Residents Forum BORACAY
19/01/2018 | charlieddm

To all Orthodontic Graduate Students,

Make your mark and be heard on March 4, 2018. Its time for you to shine in the 2nd APOS International Residents Forum in the white sands of Boracay.

Simply follow t [ ... ]

2nd APOS International Residents Forum BORACAY
18/01/2018 | Pinoydental.com

To all Orthodontic Graduate Students,Make your mark and be heard on March 4, 2018. Its time for you to shine in the 2nd APOS International Residents Forum in the white sands of Boracay.Simply follow t [ ... ]

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Dental Jobs

Dental Jobs
Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsSenior Lecturer in Clinical Practice
19/01/2018 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

University of Hertfordshire - School of Life and Medical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Postgraduate Medicine<br />Salary: £38,833 to £49,149. Grade 8 p.a.

Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsAssistant Professor in Occupational Therapy
19/01/2018 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin - Discipline of Occupational Therapy<br />Salary: Appointment will be made on the Lecturer Merged Salary Scale at a point in line with Government [ ... ]

Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsSenior Lecturer (Mental Health)
19/01/2018 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

Manchester Metropolitan University - Nursing<br />Salary: £41,212 to £47,722

Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsLecturer in Paramedic Science
19/01/2018 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

De Montfort University - Faculty of Health & Life Sciences<br />Salary: £33,518 to £36,613

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Ads, Promos & Press Releases

Ads, Promos & Press Releases
ProductsMectron Ultrasonic Scaler
29/07/2011 | Sample Trader

ULTRASONIC SCALER: Mectron Micropiezo S (4) Written by mectron    Tuesday, 12 July 2011 Escaler Equipment set

(View full-size image)1 Micropiezo unit
1 Ultrasonic handpiece
1 Basic kit equip [ ... ]

FEATURED PRODUCTSEquipment and Instruments: Online Shopping

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Equipment and Instruments Dental Handpieces Ultrasonic Scalers and Periodontal Instruments Ligh [ ... ]


article thumbnail

Neobiotech EB System  Neobiotech CMI implant EB external fixture

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Featured Resource

Prosthodontics - historical
Prosthodontics - historical Bloomer, H. Harlan; Kelsey, Charles; McPhee, Richard; Robinson, Craig; Anderson, Jr. , J. Russell; Asgar, Kamal; Beard, Charles; Brustad, []; Cartwright, []; Clayton, Joseph A.; Jaslow, Charles; Kelsey, Charles; Knapp, John; Koran, Andrew; Kotowicz, William; Lang, Brien; Lorey, Robert E.; Meldrum, Richard J.; Muenchinger, Frederick S.; Myers, []; Razzoog, Michael E.; Seluk, Laurence W.; Shotwell, Jeffrey; Smith, Franklin; Teppo, Kenneth; Yankelson, Mervyn Kotowicz, William, "Functionally Generated Path for Removable Partial Denture": Illustrates the technique of recording the functionally generated path as achairside procedure. Orig. air date: JUL 19 76; Lang, Brien; Kelsey, Charles, "Setting Maxillary Anterior Teeth": Demonstrates the fundamentals of maxillary tooth arrangement in complete dentures. Orig. air date: FEB 15 73; Knapp, John, "Edentulous Maxillary Alginate Impression Technique": Securing an edentulous maxillary alginate impression showing maxillary residual ridge, buccal and labial vestibules to their full extent. Orig. air date: DEC 8 76; Kelsey, Charles, "Maxillary Sectional Tray Construction (Clinic)": Film to video transfer.Shows custom tray construction for maxillary denture and alginate impression technique using this tray. Orig. air date: AUG 1 74; Smith, Franklin, "Preliminary Exam and Procedures for Diagnosis": Film to tape transfer. Shows clinical and laboratory procedures for delivering clasp type Removable Partial Dentures. Also shows preliminary examination and diagnosis. Orig. air date: FEB 18 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Cementation": Procedure for cementing a three unit bridge on model. Then actual clinical procedure shown denoting the differences in cementing in patient and on model. Orig. air date: NOV 17 75; Lorey, Robert E., "Unilateral Pin Ledge Preparation": Demonstration of preparation of unilateral pin ledge on a maxillary central incisor. Orig. air date: DEC 15 71; Lorey, Robert E., "Mucostatic Impression": Fabrication of a tray for the taking of a Mucostatic impression and the mixing of the impression cement. Orig. air date: JAN 28 72; Lorey, Robert E., "Polishing of a Pin Facing": Shows the grinding and polishing of a long pin facing. Orig. air date: JAN 21 72; Lang, Brien; Bloomer, H. Harlan, "Treating Palatopharyngeal Inadequacy-A Cooperative Approach": This videotape presents the combined efforts of the Speech Pathologist and the Prosthodontist in treating the patient with palatal incompetency using a Palatal Left Prosthesis. Orig. air date: FEB 10 72; Myers, [], "Pontics for Fixed Prosthesis - Tapes A and B": An introduction to bridge pontics, covers principles of design for posteriorand anterior pontics . Illustrated with models and diagrams. Orig. air date: JAN 14 72; Kelsey, Charles, "Boxing Maxillary Final Impression": Shows how to make a master cast by the boxing method as opposed to the double pour method. Orig. air date: JAN 26 72; Muenchinger, Frederick S., "Sectional Tray Construction for Maxillary Immediate Denture": This tape shows each completed step in constructing a sectional impression tray for the maxillary immediate denture. Orig. air date: JUL 17 74; Kelsey, Charles, "Face-Bow Transfer": Shows how to facilitate a face-bow transfer with actual transfer and underlying theory of transfer. Orig. air date: FEB 9 72; Lorey, Robert E., "Cementing of an Anterior Pin Ledge Bridge": Demonstration on a patient of the cementation procedure of an anterior pin ledge bridge. Orig. air date: FEB 17 72; Muenchinger, Frederick S., "Waxing the Complete Denture": The objectives in waxing the art and flange portions of complete dentures are discussed. The two methods, wax added and applying wax strips are demonstrated. Orig. air date: MAR 15 72; Kelsey, Charles, "Custom Acrylic Resin Impression Tray Fabrication": Shows the construction of a custom acrylic impression tray for immeditate maxillary denture. Orig. air date: MAR 15 72; Kelsey, Charles, "Maxillary Immediate Complete Denture": Laboratory exercise showing facebow transfer,index for relating master casts, and mounting master casts on the articulator. Orig. air date: MAR 29 72; Kelsey, Charles, "Remounting the Processed Complete Denture": Remounting the processed complete denture on the articulator. Shows method of registering both upper and lower dentures without original casts. Orig. air date: APR 12 72; Kotowicz, William, "Customized Incisal Guide": Using auto-polymerizing acrylic to customize the incisal guide on a Removable Partial Denture. Orig. air date: OCT 14 71; Lorey, Robert E., "Porcelain Fused-to-Gold Veneer": Preparation of a maxillary bicuspid for a procelain fused to gold veneer. Orig. air date: JUN 28 72; Myers, [], "Steele's Trupontic": A step by step demonstration of adapting a trupontic to replace a maxillary first bicuspid. Orig. air date: MAR 8 72; Myers, [], "Steele's Flatback Pontic": A step by step demonstration of the adaptation of a Steele's flatback facing and backing for an anterior bridge replacing a maxillary lateral incisor. Orig. air date: JAN 29 73; Lorey, Robert E., "Anterior Bridge Preparation and Cementation": Clinical procedure using patient with congenitally missing lateral incisors. Abutment teeth positioned using Orthodontics. Shows preparation of abutment and cementing. Orig. air date: AUG 16 72; Clayton, Joseph A., "Sequencing Laboratory Procedures for Class IV Cases": The sequencing of laboratory procedures including the full wax-up, adjusting anterior and posterior crowns and esthetics. Orig. air date: SEP 4 74; Clayton, Joseph A., "Anterior Multiple Preps": This presentation goes through the preparation series for anterior teeth. Orig. air date: AUG 19 74; Smith, Franklin, "Pre-Delivery Adjustment of Casting": This tape shows theprocedure to record edentulous ridge contours. Orig. air date: NOV 11 74; Smith, Franklin, "Correctable Wax Impression": This tape shows how to make a correctable wax impression. Orig. air date: NOV 11 74; Lorey, Robert E., "Soldering, Finishing, and Polishing an Anterior Bridge": Shows how to postition pontics with Duralay, soldering, finishing, and polishing the anterior bridge. Goes with 219-2 and 197-1. Orig. air date: NOV 23 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Functional Waxing Procedure for Mandibular Technique Bridge": One of eight steps in preparing and cementing a preclinical three unit mandibular posterior bridge. 223-2 and 223-3 are included in this procedure. Orig. air date: AUG 28 75; Lorey, Robert E., "Presolder Pontic, Finishing, Soldering, and Polishing": Getting the pontic ready for soldering, finishing, and polishing. Also tapes 223-1 and 223-2. Orig. air date: SEP 16 75; Anderson, Jr., J. Russell, "Formatray Construction - Posterior Bridge": Uses asbestos to line study model before Formatray compound is adapted to model. Orig. air date: SEP 16 75; Lorey, Robert E., "Clinical Procedures in Bridge Construction": A general overview of course projects by demonstrating the cutting, impression technic, temporization and final seating of bridge on clinical patient. Orig. air date: OCT 3 72; Clayton, Joseph A., "Laboratory Procedures for Master Models and Dies": Depicts the impression, model, and laboratory work sequence for a full mouth restoration case starting after the teeth have been prepared for restorations. Orig. air date: JAN 15 73; Clayton, Joseph A., "Temporaries and Temporization": States the objectives for multiple preparation temporaries, demonstrates their fabrication and cementation, and discusses tissue response. Orig. air date: OCT 11 73; Jaslow, Charles, "The surveyor and its uses": The Nev surveyor is described. Some of the uses of the dental surveyor in removable denture Prosthodontics are described and demonstrated. Orig. air date: APR 5 76; Kotowicz, William, "Mounting Partially Edentulous Casts": Shows the three steps of mounting the partially edentulous cast. Emphasis is on making the edentulous cast stable for good articulator mounting. Orig. air date: JUN 23 75; Lorey, Robert E., "Preparation of an Anterior Pinledge Bridge": Shows the actual clinical procedure for preparing the maxillary central and lateral incisor for anterior pinledge bridge. Orig. air date: DEC 17 74; Koran, Andrew, "Complete Denture Processing - Flasking": Flasks a maxillary-mandibular denture for complete denture processing. Shows the different steps in pouring the plaster and setting the master cast. Part 1 of 4. Orig. air date: OCT 10 73; Koran, Andrew, "Complete Denture Processing - Boil Out": Demonstrates the boil out of a complete denture prior to processing. Shows the apparatus for boil out and detergent use in removing all the wax from master cast. Part 2 of 4. Orig. air date: OCT 15 73; Koran, Andrew, "Complete Denture Processing - Packing and Curing the Flask": Depicts the mixing of acrylic, placing separating media over stone surfaces, and then packing the flask with the acrylic. Part 3 of 4. Orig. air date: OCT 15 73; Koran, Andrew, "Complete Denture Processing - Deflasking": Shows the use of the Hanau ejector to eject the stone from the flasks, then careful removal of model plaster and stone from the denture and master cast. Part 4 of 4. Orig. air date: OCT 17 73; Jaslow, Charles, "What Is Surveying?": Theory behind the use and the use of a dental surveyor in removable partial denture prosthodontics is demonstrated . Orig. air date: MAR 18 76; Lang, Brien, "Setting Posterior 0 Versus 0 Degree Artificial Teeth": Explains the rationale and shows the procedure for setting posterior opposing mandibular and maxillary teeth into occlusion on master cast mounted in articulator. Orig. air date: JUL 16 74; Meldrum, Richard J., "Oral Shield As a Habit-Control Orthodontic Appliance": The technique for making an oral shield is demonstrated and the criteria is discussed. Orig. air date: JAN 17 74; Meldrum, Richard J., "Basic Wire Bending Techniques": An overview of the types of pliers and variety of wires used in making Orthodontic appliances by the basic methods for bending curves, loops, and right angles. Orig. air date: FEB 28 74; Myers, [], "Semi-Rigid Connector": Design, use and fabrication of the semi-rigidconnector in fixed prosthodontics. Familiarity with the abutment, prep- waxing, casting, soldering and finishing bridges assumed. Orig. air date: SEP 25 74; Lorey, Robert E., "Maxillary Cuspid Preparation for a Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown": Shows the preparation, on a visidont, of a maxillary cuspid for a procelain fused to gold crown. Orig. air date: MAR 21 79; Beard, Charles; McPhee, Richard, "Post Ceramic Soldering Technique": Ceramo-metal restorations need additional procedures to solder pontic to other units in bridge so that porcelain will not be damaged during soldering. Orig. air date: FEB 3 81; Muenchinger, Frederick S., "Taking and Pouring Preliminary Impressions (Alginate)": Technique for taking and pouring preliminary impressions The materials needed, the instrumentation and method for making maxillary and mandibular impressions in alginate. Orig. air date: DEC 6 73; Lang, Brien, "Face Bow Transfer of Maxillary Cast": The clinical and laboratory steps in making a face bow maxillary transfer are demonstrated. Orig. air date: DEC 11 73; Brustad, [], "Fabrication of Shellac Base Plates": Making a shellac base plate for a complete denture. Flaming of the base plate, trimming, and molding to the cast are demonstrated. Orig. air date: MAR 18 74; Clayton, Joseph A., "Anterior Guidance and Esthetics": The anterior teeth have been cast and Dr. Clayton checks the esthetics of the porcelain, then tries the restorations in the patients mouth. Checking for proper occlusion. Orig. air date: SEP 20 74; Clayton, Joseph A., "Adjusting Posterior Restorations": When the posterior restorations come back from the dental lab, Dr. Clayton shows the procedure for try-in and occlusal adjustments. Orig. air date: SEP 20 74; Jaslow, Charles, "Forming The Occlusion Template": Depicts a procedure whereby a functional template is generated from the patients actual teeth, this template is then poured in stone, and the prosthesis is made from this. Orig. air date: SEP 30 76; Jaslow, Charles, "Temporary Bases": Shows how to adapt an auto-polymerizing resin base to the framework on the master cast so that a secondary ridge impression can be made. Orig. air date: JAN 13 76; Clayton, Joseph A., "Clutch Construction": This presentation depictsthe procedure for the construction of a clutch on a dentulous patient. Orig. air date: SEP 17 71; Yankelson, Mervyn, "Die Fabrication": A tape describing how removable dies are constructed from a silver-plated impression. Orig. air date: DEC 12 78; Anderson, Jr., J. Russell, "Mandibular Bicuspid 3/4 Crown Prep & Temporization": Depicts the preparation of a bicuspid to be used as an abutment tooth for a three unit bridge. Shows the adapta- tion and cementation of a temporary crown. Part 2 of 2. Orig. air date: JUL 18 75; Lorey, Robert E., "Rubber Base Impression, Duralay Coping, Removable Dies": Tape shows the procedure for taking a rubber base impres- sion of a mandible that has been prepared for a three unit bridge. Duralay copings are made, and a stone cast is made. Orig. air date: JUL 31 75; Lorey, Robert E., "Fabrication of a Direct Duralay Post": Dr. Lorey prepares a devital maxillary central for a duralay post, fabricates the post, and temporizes the tooth. Also shows the finished bridge in patients mouth. Orig. air date: FEB 14 77; Muenchinger, Frederick S., "Delivery of Complete Denture: Part 1": This tape demonstrates the manipulative skills in delivery of the dentures and also the Dentist's chairside manner"""" in fitting and delivering the dentures. Orig. air date: JUN 7 74; Muenchinger, Frederick S., "Delivery of Complete Denture; Part 2": This tape demonstrates the stripping method of occlusal equilibration in the lab prior to final delivery of the new denture to the patient. Orig. air date: JUN 7 74; Lorey, Robert E., "Cross-Pinning": Dr. Lorey adds a crosspin to a bridge that had inadequate support on one of the abutment teeth. Orig. air date: NOV 21 74; Asgar, Kamal, "Dental Casting Procedures": Demonstrates the techniques of spruing,investing, and casting gold via the water immersion technique. Orig. air date: AUG 15 78; Lorey, Robert E., "Fabrication of Removable Silver Dies": Starting with a plated rubber base impression, removable silver dies are constructed with duralay.The casts are then mounted in the articulator. Orig. air date: NOV 2 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Cementation Of An Anterior Pinledge Bridge": Dr. Lorey shows the procedure used to cement an anterior three unit bridge on the visidont. Then the procedure is performed on a patient. Orig. air date: NOV 2 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Anterior Pinledge Bridge Construction Techniques": Temporizing anterior bridge abutment teeth, construction of custom acrylic tray, rubber base impressions with bridge pins installed, and silver plating the dies. Orig. air date: NOV 9 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Waxing the Retainers": Dr. Lorey describes in detail how to cut and mount the pins in silver plated dies. He then shows the final waxed and sprued crowns ready for investment. Orig. air date: DEC 1 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Presolder Finishing of the Retainers": After the castings are made for the abutment teeth of an anterior pinledge bridge, they are tried on the dies and the margins are carefully finished. Orig. air date: DEC 1 76; Kotowicz, William, "Mouth Preparation of Non-Restored Teeth": Shows the preparation of the occlusal rests, axial sur- faces, and centric stops on the non-restored teeth, prior to Partial Denture delivery. Orig. air date: FEB 14 78; Kotowicz, William, "Analysis Of Partially Edentulous Diagnostic Casts": Dr. Kotowicz demonstrates occlusal analysis using artic- ulator mounted casts prior to Partial Denture delivery. Orig. air date: FEB 14 78; Kotowicz, William, "Analysis of The Diagnostic Wax-Up": Demonstrates the use of the diagnostic wax-up of the pro- posed restorations to adjust occlusion prior to fabrication of the Partial Denture. Orig. air date: FEB 14 78; Kelsey, Charles, "Arrangement of Anterior Denture Teeth": The setting of artificial teeth in a preclinical exercise is presented in a series of three videotapes. This videotape is Part I and demonstrates the setting of anterior teeth. Orig. air date: FEB 16 72; Kelsey, Charles, "Denture Fabrication: Arrangement of the Anterior Teeth": Shows the theory and procedure for setting the maxillary anterior teeth in an Immediate Complete Denture. This procedure minimizes adjustments to mouth and denture. Orig. air date: MAR 29 72; Cartwright, [], "Articulator Demonstration": Relates the movement of the mandible to various articulators Orig. air date: OCT 15 71; Razzoog, Michael E., "Copings": This tape presents the rationale and procedure for adding copings to overdenture abutment teeth. Orig. air date: APR 16 82; Koran, Andrew, "Boxing Complete Dentures - Pumice and Plaster Impression": Boxing complete dentures with pumice and impression plaster. Orig. air date: JAN 25 73; Jaslow, Charles; Robinson, Craig, "Selecting and Preserving the Path of Insertion and Removal": Demonstrates a method of determining the path of insertion and removal of a removable partial denture. Orig. air date: MAR 4 80; Smith, Franklin, "Partial Denture Treatment Planning": Armentarium and procedure involved in making a diagnosis. Then from the diagnosis, a treatment plan is formulated. VA film. Orig. air date: NOV 7 74; Lorey, Robert E., "Multiple Techniques For A Posterior Three Unit Bridge": Preparing the abutment teeth for a three unit posterior bridge. Shows the tooth reduction, preparation of mesial and distal boxes, occlusal isthmus, and retention grooves. Orig. air date: OCT 23 78; Lang, Brien, "Setting Posterior 20 Versus 0 Degree Artificial Teeth": Explains the rationale and shows the procedure for setting posterior opposing mandibular and maxillary teeth into occlusion on master cast mounted in articulator. Orig. air date: JUL 16 74; Shotwell, Jeffrey, "Fabrication of Remount Casts": This tape demonstrates the process of remounting the den- tures on an articulator so that final occlusal adjustments can be done. Orig. air date: JUN 26 79; Myers, [], "Retainers for Fixed Bridges": This presentation covers the principles of retention in bridge retainers and gives a brief survey of the common bridge retainers in use today. Orig. air date: OCT 2 74; Seluk, Laurence W., "Rotational Path Concept in Removable Partial Dentures Part 1-2": Describes the rationale and indications for use of Rotational Path of Insertion, Removable Partial Dentures in anterior teeth. Orig. air date: OCT 4 86; Kotowicz, William, "Design of a Class II Removable Partial Denture": Dr Kotowicz demonstrates the technique of class II remov- able partial denture design. He discusses what elements in this case led him to the final design. Orig. air date: JUL 18 75; Teppo, Kenneth, "Use of the Surveyor": This tape show the correct useage of the surveyor in Denture model work. Orig. air date: SEP 27 71; Koran, Andrew, "Tray Construction": Custom acrylic resin edentulous impression trays are discussed. The maxillary impression tray is demonstrated. The forming of a wax occlusal for the mandibular impression Orig. air date: SEP 20 72

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An unusual case of a brain abscess arising from an odontogenic infection
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We report a rare case of odontogenic infection as a result of an infected maxillary third molar, causing an infratemporal and temporalis collection, resulting in a brain abscess with concurrent cerebr [ ... ]

FDI policy statement on the dental laboratory technician
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