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Senior Teaching Fellow in Child and Family Health
Written by Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk   
Tuesday, 18 July 2017

King's College London - Child and Family Health<br />Salary: £40,523 to £48,327 per annum, plus £2,923 per annum London Allowance.

Read more at: http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BCU207/senior-teaching-fellow-in-child-and-family-health/

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Dentist Community News

Dentist Community News
40th APDC and 109th PDA Annual Convention.
24/06/2017 | charlieddm

40th APDC and 109th PDA Annual Convention

Registration fees:
EARLY BIRD June 1, 2017-Oct. 31, 2017 - Php 5,500
PRE- REGISTRATION Nov. 1- Mar.6, 2018- Php 8,000
ONSITE Mar. 7 onwards - Php 10,000


40th APDC and 109th PDA Annual Convention.
24/06/2017 | Pinoydental.com

40th APDC and 109th PDA Annual ConventionPinoydental (http://pinoydental.blogspot.com/2017/06/40th-apdc-and-109th-pda-annual.html) Read more at: http://pinoydental.com/index.php?option=com_content& [ ... ]

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Dental Jobs

Dental Jobs
Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsResearch Nurse
18/07/2017 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

Imperial College London - Department of Medicine<br />Salary: £26,565 to £35,577 per annum

Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsEPAD Research Assistant
18/07/2017 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

University of Edinburgh - The Centre for Dementia Prevention<br />Salary: £26,829 to £31,076. Grade UE06

Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsPublic Health Interventions Officer - Loneliness
18/07/2017 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

Institute of Public Health in Ireland<br />Salary: £33,114 to £42,219 per annum

Nurses / Dental Nurses / AssistantsProfessor of Nursing (Research)
18/07/2017 | Nursing Jobs - jobs.ac.uk

University of Technology Sydney<br />Salary: Competitive salary

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Ads, Promos & Press Releases

Ads, Promos & Press Releases
ProductsMectron Ultrasonic Scaler
29/07/2011 | Sample Trader

ULTRASONIC SCALER: Mectron Micropiezo S (4) Written by mectron    Tuesday, 12 July 2011 Escaler Equipment set

(View full-size image)1 Micropiezo unit
1 Ultrasonic handpiece
1 Basic kit equip [ ... ]

FEATURED PRODUCTSEquipment and Instruments: Online Shopping

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Equipment and Instruments Dental Handpieces Ultrasonic Scalers and Periodontal Instruments Ligh [ ... ]


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Neobiotech EB System  Neobiotech CMI implant EB external fixture

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Featured Resource

Dental Materials - historical
Dental Materials - historical Craig, Robert; Asgar, Kamal; Cartwright, []; Charbeneau, Gerald T.; Charlick, Richard; Chasteen, Joseph; Craig, Robert; Dennison, Joseph; Lorey, Robert E.; Powers, John; Schield, Harvey; Snyder, Daniel T. Asgar, Kamal, "Y Spruing": A techniqueshowing how to make and attach the y"" shaped"" sprue. (11:31) Orig. air date: OCT 30 72; Snyder, Daniel T., "Mixing of Rubber Base Impression Material": Dispensing of mercaptan rubber impression materials; light-bodied, heavy-bodied mixing procedures, loading of both mixtures into syringes and trays. (5:45) Orig. air date: SEP 11 80; Asgar, Kamal, "Hand Investing Technique": A technic showing how to invest wax patterns using the hand technic. (11:01) Orig. air date: OCT 27 71; Asgar, Kamal, "Casting Problems in Fabrication of Gold Pontics": Review of spruing and investing is presented. Discussion of the use of hydroscopic and thermal expanding investment techniques for properly fitting gold MOD inlays and crowns. (16:56) Orig. air date: SEP 28 71; Cartwright, [], "Ceramics": Fabrication of platinum matrix for PJC construction. (16:22) Orig. air date: SEP 28 71; Craig, Robert, "Manipulation of Dental Model Plaster": Proportioning, mixing, consistency, and properties of plaster improved stone. Intended for preclinical dental and dental hygiene students. (13:08) Orig. air date: MAY 31 72; Schield, Harvey, "Investing & Soldering Gold Castings (Edited)": This edited version of the original tape produced in 1974, covers investing and soldering gold castings. (12:38) Orig. air date: NOV 10 81; Craig, Robert, "Manipulation and Properties of Alginate Impression Material": Proportioning, mixing and properties (permanent deformation viscoelastic) of alginate impression material. (11:44) Orig. air date: MAY 31 72; Lorey, Robert E., "Porcelain Fused to Gold Bond Strength": Four tests are presented to demonstrate the strength of the bond of porcelain fused to gold. (8:34) Orig. air date: DEC 23 74; Dennison, Joseph, "Interim Dressing Ward's Tempak": This tape describes the mixing procedures and material for a low strength zinc-oxide Eugenol temporary dressing. (5:52) Orig. air date: DEC 19 72; Powers, John, "Application of Waxes": A descriptive discussion of physical properties and dental applications of pattern, processing and impression waxes is presented. (15:00) Orig. air date: DEC 19 72; Charbeneau, Gerald T., "Cavity Varnish (Copalite) & Cement Base (Zinc Phosphate)": The uses of cavity varnish and zinc phosphate cement are discussed and demonstrated. (6:55) Orig. air date: JAN 9 74; Craig, Robert, "Polycarboxylate Cement (Durelon)": Dispensing and mixing of polycarboxylate cement. (5:13) Orig. air date: DEC 4 73; Powers, John, "Silicone Impression Materials": (5:36) Orig. air date: JAN 1 72; Powers, John, "Model Plaster - Vacuum Spatulation (Kerr Snow White #1)": The mixing of model plaster is demonstrated with the use of a power spatulator with vacuum attachment. Vibration of plaster into a base former also is demonstrated. (6:59) Orig. air date: DEC 4 72; Powers, John, "Composite Restorative Materials": (6:29) Orig. air date: Dec 4 72; Charlick, Richard; Craig, Robert, "Alginate Impression Materials and Hand Spatulation": A demonstration to assist hygienists in the taking of an alginate impression and the pouring of study models. (36:41) Orig. air date: DEC 4 72; Chasteen, Joseph, "Preparation of Fynal Cement": This demonstrates the mixing of Tynal, a zinc oxide eugenol cement used for cementation of inlays, crowns, and bridges. (3:02) Orig. air date: DEC 18 75; Chasteen, Joseph, "Preparation of Zinc Phosphate": Demonstates the mixing of the primary and secondary consistencies of zinc phosphate. The clean-up process is also discussed. (9:08) Orig. air date: JAN 27 76; Lorey, Robert E., "Bond Strength Test": Tape depicts methods of determining bond strength of porcelain fused to metal crown. (3:39) Orig. air date: MAR 21 79; Dennison, Joseph, "Introduction to Amalgams": Introduction to various pieces of equipment needed to prepare, place, carve, and finish the amalgam. Shows the actual mixing, placement, carving, and finishing on model. (26:43) Orig. air date: JUN 7 77; Dennison, Joseph, "Introduction to Amalgam - Capmaster Tytin": Discusses use of the Capmaster Amalgamator, properties of a mixed amalgam, the amalgam working instruments and their use in condensing, carving, and finishing the amalgam. (23:27) Orig. air date: JAN 23 78

Abstracts and Headlines

Implant success lies in complications management: A report of two cases
27/05/2016 | Sapna Rani

Sapna Rani, Jyoti Devi, Mahesh Verma

Contemporary Clinical Dentistry 2016 7(2):226-228

At present, implant supported or retained prostheses are considered as a first therapeutic alternative for patient [ ... ]

Effects of oral hygiene using chlorhexidine on preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia in...
14/03/2013 | Hiroshi Hoshijima, Norifumi Kuratani, Risa Takeuchi, Toshiya Shiga, Eiji Masaki, Katsushi Doi, Nobuy

Abstract: Background/purpose: Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is one of the most frequent causes of morbidity and mortality among mechanically ventilated patients in critical care. Previous meta [ ... ]

Alcohol-Containing Mouthwashes
20/05/2009 | Australian Dental Journal via MedWorm.com

(Source: Australian Dental Journal)

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